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Senior portraits have changed a lot in the last few decades. Instead of a formal studio portrait, these images are often taken outside, even at the high school, and feature multiple outfits and poses, allowing students to show off who they are, what they love, and even their plans and dreams for the future. 

Choosing a Lawton photographer to take your senior photos is important because, like any professional images, these are photos you will want to look back on for years to come. You want to find a photographer in Lawton you click with, someone with experience and skill who you can trust to capture your personality and help you mark this momentous occasion in your life. 

Know what style you want
Different photographers have different styles. Some specialize in posed, stylized portraits, while others go for a more natural look. As you’re researching photographers in your area, look at their images from previous sessions and determine if these are the kind of photos you want from your session.  Find someone you connect with
If you’re not particularly comfortable in front of the camera, it’s especially important to choose a photographer who makes you feel at ease and can answer all your questions. The right photographer will talk to you about what you want and expect from your session and will help plan out locations and even offer wardrobe advice. The more comfortable you feel with your photographer, the better your images will turn out.  Look into their credentials
There are plenty of amateur photographers out there. You want someone who has the experience and skill to create quality images. Talk to potential photographers about their previous work, where they learned photography, any organizations they belong to, and how many years they’ve been taking photos as a profession. If this sounds like a job interview, you’re right-it is! After all, you are hiring photographers in Lawton Oklahoma for their services, and you don’t want to hire someone who can’t do the job you want.  Read the reviews
You wouldn’t buy a product on Amazon without reading the reviews. Don’t hire a photographer without looking into what previous clients have said about them. Even better, talk to friends and family in the area and see if they have worked with the photographer before or have any knowledge of how they conduct business.  Make sure your parents are happy
It’s true that your senior session is all about you, but if your parents are paying for it, it’s important that they’re pleased with your photographer and the resulting images from your session. Your graduation is about you and your accomplishments, but it’s also about the people who have supported you along the way.The post 5 Tips on Finding the Right Senior Photographer first appeared on Richmond Family Photographer | Richmond Photography.]]> 0
Why You Should Take Yearly Family Portraits Thu, 07 Nov 2019 20:03:10 +0000

How many times have you wanted to take  family photos in Lawton OK, maybe for your Christmas cards, and then simply been too busy? Life gets hectic, and you find you don’t have time to wrangle all the kids and sit everyone down for a proper photo.

Or maybe you have albums full of photos of your kids, but none with you and your spouse in them because one of you is always taking the pictures.

This is where a professional family photo shoot is a great idea. Instead of worrying about taking a photo yourself, you can let a professional shoot, edit, and even print the photos, providing you with memories to cherish for the rest of your life. 

Capture changes in your family.
From first steps to braces to high school, as your kids grow up, you don’t want to miss a moment. Having an annual family photo taken allows you to document all the changes in your family, whether it’s a new addition or a rapidly growing child. Professional family photos will be something you and your children can look back on for years to come  Create art for your home.
What better way to decorate your home or office than with beautiful photos of the ones you love? You may have plenty of photos of your kids snapped on your cell phone and even some selfies of the whole family, but those are hardly the kind of pictures you want blown up on canvas and hanging above the fireplace. A professional family photo shoot in Lawton helps you ensure that everyone will be in the photo, looking their best.  Start a tradition.
Whether you grew up taking family photos or not, it’s a great tradition to start with your family. Someday your grandchildren and maybe even their children will look back on your family photos, so it’s important to have quality, professional images for future generations to enjoy. And once you start the tradition of taking family photos each year, your children can continue it when they have families of their own.  Eliminate the stress of taking your own photos.
Instead of trying to organize and shoot a family photo yourself, a professional can do the work for you. Professional photographers in Killeen, Texas work frequently with families and children and will know how to keep your kids happy and get them to pose. Even better, they can often help with printing the photos, so you know you’re getting the best quality images of your family.

Next time you’re thinking about how much you need an updated family photo, consider scheduling a session with a professional photographer-and make it a tradition that your family can enjoy for years to come. 

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How to Take Better Photos of Your Kids Thu, 07 Nov 2019 19:51:06 +0000

Parenting young children can be exhausting, but you still want to remember every moment, and photos are a great way to do that. However, any parent knows how difficult it can be to capture pictures of kids who are always in motion-and sometimes throwing a fit. Check out these tips from the professionals for taking better photos of your children. 

Take advantage of natural light.
When taking photos in your home, look for places with plenty of window light. This natural light will help eliminate harsh shadows and give your photos a fresh, even appearance. Plus, what better way to capture images of your children than in the home you share?  Go explore.
Candid photos are a great way to capture your kids’ personalities, and getting outside to explore lets your children get out some energy and allows you to take images of them being their genuine selves.  Ask for help from a friend.
When you’re behind the camera, it can be hard to also get your child’s attention. Consider enlisting a friend or family member to help get your kid to look at you by making fun noises or pulling a goofy face.  Have a camera on hand.
You never know when the moment and the light will be perfect for snapping a few photos. It could be just a simple day at the park or a visit to Grandma and Grandpa, but you’ll value every memory you manage to capture in the future.  Pay attention to everyday moments.
You don’t have to plan a grand photo shoot to create memories of your children. You’ll want to remember the everyday moments too, like bath time or reading a bedtime story. Be sure to capture candid photos of your kids just living life, whether it’s playing or even just eating breakfast.

When it comes to taking photos of your kids, the important thing is capturing their personalities, so you can have images to cherish for years to come. Hopefully, these tips can help you make the most of your photos!

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How to Prepare for a Stress-Free Family Photo Session Thu, 07 Nov 2019 19:45:32 +0000

Having a professional family photo session with Sarah Creal Photography is a great way to create memories for a lifetime. A family session can be a fun and playful time for you and your kids, but it can also be stressful, especially when it comes to getting everyone dressed and ready to go. Check out these tips for taking the stress out of your family photo session Lawton OK . 

Talk to your kids.
The best way to prepare your children for a photo session is to tell them what to expect. Help them understand the importance of following the photographer’s directions and smiling when asked. Most importantly, try to make them seem how fun the session can be. After all, you want to capture your family enjoying spending time together!  Pick out your outfits early.
You may not want every member of your family to match perfectly, but you don’t want the colors in their clothes to clash. Try to choose outfits for each of you that coordinate-similar styles and all in the same color palette. Plus, having your outfits chosen in advance will save you time on the day of the session.  Make sure everyone is comfortable.
Even if you have visions of your kids dressed in their Sunday best, it’s more important that they’re comfortable. If your children are in overly warm or restrictive clothes, they’re more likely to become irritable and less likely to smile for photos. Be sure to check the weather forecast and choose outfits accordingly.  Work around naptime-and get plenty of rest.
If your kids take a nap during the day, try to schedule your photo session with photographers in Lawton OK after that time, so everyone will be refreshed. And make sure that you’re well-rested too! You’ll be able to handle small stresses better if you get a good night’s sleep the night before your session.  Above all-have fun!
Do your best to relax and have fun with your family during your photo session. Candid shots with genuine smiles are better than forced grins and will better capture your family’s personalities. Don’t worry too much about the little things and just enjoy being with your children and capturing memories!  The post How to Prepare for a Stress-Free Family Photo Session first appeared on Richmond Family Photographer | Richmond Photography.]]> 0
5 Milestones to Capture After Your Baby’s First Birthday Thu, 07 Nov 2019 19:41:16 +0000

Your child’s first birthday is a huge milestone not just for your little one, but for you as a parent. After all, reaching that day means you’ve survived every phase of raising an infant. But there is still so much more to look forward as your child grows into toddlerhood and learns even more new skills! From their first steps onward, you’ll want to capture every memory and every big change in their little personality.

Whether you capture these moments on your own at home or with a professional photographer in Lawton Ok, these are toddler milestones you’ll want to remember for years to come! 

Walking – 9 to 18 months
The time when a baby begins to walk varies widely depending on the child. While some children are toddling around before their first birthday, others may not take their first steps until closer to their second year. No matter where your child falls on this timeline, walking is a milestone you definitely want to capture. If they are walking by their first birthday, it’s a great idea to capture a few photos of their steps at their one-year session. If not, consider scheduling an additional session whenever they start walking. Self-Feeding – 13 to 18 months
As early as a year old, your child may start feeding themselves. While this milestone is guaranteed to be a mess as your toddler learns how to get food to their mouth, it’s definitely a memory you want to capture! Not only is this a fun moment, but it’s also a major developmental milestone that shows just how much your child has grown from their baby days. Dancing – 14 to 24 months
Your little one may start bopping to music as soon as they’re able to stand up, but you can expect to see more coordinated movement as they grow older. Toddlers love to express themselves through movement, and dancing is a great way to do that. As they start to spin, wave their arms, and really get their little bodies going to a favorite song, be sure to have your camera ready!  Running – 18 to 24 months
Once your child has started walking, it’s only a matter of time before they take off running as well! While some toddlers seem to move from crawling to sprinting in no time, others take a little longer to find their footing. Your child will fall down a lot more while learning to run, so help them out by giving them a chance to try out their speed on a soft surface where falling will hurt less. This milestone can be incredibly fun to capture in photos, as it gives your child a chance to play and allows you to worry less about getting them to hold still and pose.  Playing – 16 to 24 months
By a year old, your child should easily be able to pick up and grasp toys, and in the first few months after their first birthday, they should be able to stack blocks. As they grow in the months leading up to their second birthday, you should notice them engaging in more complex types of play, including pretend. Whether they love tea parties or playing with cars, you’ll want photos of your child playing and revealing their imagination as they engage with their toys during playtime!

As your baby grows into a toddler and even into a small child, you’ll find more and more moments you want to capture. It’s important to photograph all your child’s firsts as they will be grown and off to school before you know it! Capturing those little moments along the way will result in images you’re sure to be grateful for in the years to come. 

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5 Questions to Ask a Potential Family Photographer Thu, 07 Nov 2019 19:36:37 +0000

When it comes to photography, many people put a lot of effort into choosing a wedding photography but not as much consideration into who will capture their family photos in Lawton Ok. But these images of your family are just as important and will be something for your children, grandchildren, and future generations to look back on.

If you’re looking for a family photographer in Killeen Texas or Lawton OK, take time to ask any potentials these five questions-and don’t shy away from voicing your concerns or clearly asking for what you want. 

How many years of experience do you have?
While it’s great to help out a friend, if you’re looking for gorgeous Christmas card images, you don’t want to book a photographer who’s just starting out. Ask about their experience and look at some of their past work to determine if their images are consistent and their style would be a good fit for your family. You want a photographer who knows what they’re doing, has high-quality equipment, and can handle any type of lighting situation-or any rambunctious kids.  Do you specialize in a specific type of photography?
If you’re looking for a certain kind of photography in Lawton Ok, make sure to choose a photographer whose style matches what you’re seeking. Some photographers in Wichita Falls Tx do more posed photos, and some go for a more candid look, while others do both depending on the client. If you want something specific for your images, don’t be afraid to ask.  Do you have a lot of repeat clients?
The best photographers in Lawton OK often capture multiple milestones for the same families, from engagements to weddings to newborns and beyond. If a photographer has the same clients coming back again and again, that’s a good sign that their work is strong and consistent-and that they’re easy to work with.  What is your policy for canceling or rescheduling?
You never know what could happen to keep you from making it to your family photo session. Be sure to ask about your photographer’s cancelation policy and whether you would be able to reschedule your shoot, if necessary.  Have you had any experience with _____________?
You may have unique concerns based on your family’s needs or challenges. Maybe you have a special needs child or a situation that may require some poses outside of the norm. While it helps to have a photographer who has some experience with concerns similar to yours, the most important thing is finding someone who will be understanding and compassionate and who will work with you and your family to get great photos.

When you’re looking for a photographer to capture the love your family shares, it’s important to choose someone who’s willing and able to help you create your vision for your family portraits. Be sure to check out as many of their galleries as you can and be open about what you want for your images. 

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5 Tips for Introducing Older Siblings to Your New Baby Thu, 07 Nov 2019 19:34:39 +0000 photographers in lawton ok, photography lawton ok, photographers in wichita falls tx, photography wichita falls tx, photographers in altus ok, photography killeen tx, photographers in killeen tx, photographers killeen tx, photographers near me, photographers in chickasha, photographers in okc, photography okc, photography in oklahoma city, baby photoshoot, newborn pics lawton ok, lawton ok photographer, okc photographer, oklahoma city photographer, photographers okc, newborn photographer edmond, newborn photography norman ok, newborn photography killeen tx, killeen tx photographers

During your pregnancy, you may have imagined the moment when your older child meets their new sibling for the first time. You might be excited about this meeting or nervous or a bit of both. That’s totally understandable! A new child marks a significant shift in your family dynamic, and that can be a little overwhelming. 

No matter how much you prepare, you can’t predict how your child will react to their new sibling. But you can do your best to make the transition as smooth as possible. 

Encourage friendship before baby arrives
As a mom in Richmond, you and your new baby are developing a relationship before your little one even appears earth-side. Your other child can foster a relationship before the baby is born as well! Let them touch your baby bump or talk and sing to the baby. Ask your child what they think the baby is doing in your tummy. The more you help them feel involved in the pregnancy journey, the more interested they will be when your new addition arrives!  Make the first meeting fun
Take time to make sure your older child’s first meeting with the new baby is a special and memorable moment. It’s important that your child has positive associations with the baby. You don’t have to do anything huge, but a trip to grab ice cream or eat at a favorite restaurant before the meeting can help your older child have positive thoughts about the day they met their new little brother or sister.  Give a gift to your older child
New babies get all the presents, and you don’t want your child to feel left out or resentful. Consider having the newborn “give” a gift to their older sibling, or if you child is too old for that concept, simply call it a congratulatory gift for being a big brother or sister. Your gift can be anything your child will find delightful, whether that’s a new toy, a favorite snack, or a book.  Pay extra attention to big brother or sister
It’s natural for your child to feel a little upset that the new baby gets all the attention, so make sure you’re intentional about putting the focus on your older child. If you’re holding baby when big brother or sister arrives, put the newborn back down and take time to talk to your child and ask them about their day. Putting your focus on your older child helps them see that they’re just as loved and important, even if they’re not the baby anymore.  Give your child tasks to do, especially in the family newborn session in my Richmond, Virginia photography studio. 
Depending on their age, you can give your older child some jobs to do to help you care for the newborn. Whether it’s singing a lullaby to the baby or even helping with diaper changes or feedings, allow your child to feel more involved in the care of the new baby. This can go a long way in helping them feel a part of the change in your family, instead of feeling left out. Plus, let’s be honest, you’ll need all the help you can get!

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How Is a Fresh 48 Session Different from a Newborn Session? Thu, 07 Nov 2019 19:32:50 +0000

The birth of your child is an incredible and beautiful moment in the life of your family. This remarkable time is something you want to capture, especially since your little one will grow and change so quickly!

A Fresh 48 session and a newborn session are two different ways to capture and hold on to memories of your child’s first days in the world. While they may seem similar, they’re actually quite different and are designed for different phases in your child’s life and the life of your family. 

Fresh 48 Session
During a Fresh 48 session, photos of you and your newborn are taken in the first 48 hours after birth, either at the hospital or at your home, depending on where you delivered your baby. If you want images of your child as soon as they’re born but don’t want photos of the actual birth, a Fresh 48 session with Sarah Creal Photography is the perfect option.

Shot in a documentary style, these images are simple, professional photos in Lawton Ok capturing you, your new child, and the rest of your family as you welcome this new addition into your lives and your world.

A Fresh 48 session in Altus Ok can be right after birth or the next day, depending on the needs and desires of the family. Some parents want photos as soon as possible, while others would prefer to have a day to themselves to get more comfortable and rest before being in front of the camera. Whatever you choose, the resulting photos are sure to be ones you’ll love and be so glad to have!

During a Fresh 48 session, your photographer in Lawton Ok will capture the setting and environment (the hospital room or room used during your home birth); the parents and child, as well as any older siblings you would like to include; and details of your new arrival, from any hairs on their little head to their tiny toes. 

Newborn Session
A traditional newborn session is more common than a Fresh 48 session, and it generally takes place within the first three weeks of your child’s life. Depending on your photographer, this session could take place in a studio or in your home. Just like a Fresh 48 session, a newborn shoot includes the parents, the baby, and big brothers and sisters, if there are any. 

Newborn sessions vary depending on the photographer’s style. Some photographers in Lawton Ok specialize in posed newborn sessions, where they carefully position your baby in sweet poses. Other photographers in OKC go for more of a lifestyle session, where they capture your family at home in your natural environment. The type of session you want will affect what photographer you choose, so be sure to view some of their images ahead of time to get a feel for their style.

Regardless of what type of session you choose or even if you choose both, photographing your newborn is so important. These are memories you will cherish for the rest of your life, and having photos to look back on as your child grows is an investment you won’t regret!

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Why Is a Fresh 48 Session Important Thu, 07 Nov 2019 19:30:48 +0000

When your new baby enters the world, it’s a remarkable experience, whether it’s your first child or your fifth. Those first moments of getting to know your little one are precious, but they’re also moments that pass incredibly quickly. In the haze of recovering from labor and delivery, you may miss out on some of your child’s firsts that you want to remember.

That’s where a Fresh 48 photo session can be a lifesaver. This intimate lifestyle session captures all the details of your baby’s first couple days in the world, right there in the hospital or in your home, resulting in images marking one of the most important days of your life. 

What is a Fresh 48 session?
This photography session takes place within 48 hours of your child’s birth in the environment where they were born. Your photographer will capture the details of your baby, some of the first feedings and diaper changes, and even meeting older siblings for the first time. This session is designed to commemorate and capture those first moments of your newborn’s life-moments that are often forgotten once you return to the hustle and bustle of daily life at home. 

Capture precious memories
Your life changes when your child is born, and while you may think you’ll remember every detail of those first few days, chances are you won’t. A Fresh 48 session allows you to hold on to those intimate first moments with your little one and your family. In the months and years to come, you’ll be grateful to have those photos to look back on and help you remember those tiny fingers and toes and how they changed your world. 

Babies change quickly
If this is your first child, you may be surprised at how quickly they grow. By the time you have a newborn session a week or two after your child’s birth, they may look completely different from those days in the hospital. A Fresh 48 session is not designed to take the place of a newborn session but to supplement it and give you a better chance to capture more of your little one’s life. 

This moment deserves to be captured
The day your child is born is one of the most important days in the life of your family, and you deserve to have quality, professional images of that day. Even if you intend to take photos yourself, you may forget or not feel up to it, or the images may not turn out the way you want. Hiring a professional photographer takes the guesswork out of capturing a moment that means so much to you. 

This day is part of your story
Your family grew, and your whole world has changed! Whether these are your first moments as a parent or you’re celebrating adding another child to your life, those first couple days are magical and part of your family’s legacy. Your whole family should be in the photos, instead of one parent hiding behind the camera. You’re experiencing your new addition together for the first time, and that is a memory that you’ll want to cherish for the rest of your life.

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Baby’s Developmental Milestones Thu, 07 Nov 2019 19:28:20 +0000

Every child is different, but it helps many new parents to know what milestones to look for throughout their baby’s development. Here’s a simple list of some milestones you can look for as your baby grows. 

Birth to 3 Months:

  • Pushes up on arms while lying on tummy
  • Opens and closes fists
  • Brings hands up to mouth
  • Lifts and holds up head while lying on tummy
  • Tracks a moving object with eyes while lying on back
  • Smiles at voices or sounds
  • Demonstrates interest in faces
  • Makes eye contact
  • Uses different cries for different needs (a hungry cry vs. a tired cry)
  • Turns head toward voices or sounds
  • Makes cooing noises

4 to 6 Months:

  • Sits up using hands for support
  • Rolls over from back to tummy and vice versa
  • Reaches for toys while on tummy
  • Uses both hands to feel toys
  • Brings objects up to mouth
  • More easygoing, not upset at everyday sounds
  • Listens and responds when spoken to
  • Shows reaction to sudden noises
  • Demonstrates interest in food
  • Opens mouth for spoon

7 to 9 Months:

  • Sits up without support
  • Transitions from tummy or back to a sitting position
  • Picks up small objects with fingers and thumb
  • Attempts to crawl
  • Focuses on objects that are nearby and far away
  • Recognizes sound of name
  • Imitates sounds
  • Shows recognition of some words/sounds

10 to 12 Months:

  • Pulls up to stand and uses furniture for support
  • Claps hands
  • Enjoys listening to music
  • Crawls toward objects
  • Speaks one or two words
  • Able to feed self with finger foods
  • Uses gestures and hand movements to communicate wants and needs
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