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How Is a Fresh 48 Session Different from a Newborn Session?

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The birth of your child is an incredible and beautiful moment in the life of your family. This remarkable time is something you want to capture, especially since your little one will grow and change so quickly!

A Fresh 48 session and a newborn session are two different ways to capture and hold on to memories of your child’s first days in the world. While they may seem similar, they’re actually quite different and are designed for different phases in your child’s life and the life of your family. 

Fresh 48 Session
During a Fresh 48 session, photos of you and your newborn are taken in the first 48 hours after birth, either at the hospital or at your home, depending on where you delivered your baby. If you want images of your child as soon as they’re born but don’t want photos of the actual birth, a Fresh 48 session with Sarah Creal Photography is the perfect option.

Shot in a documentary style, these images are simple, professional photos in Lawton Ok capturing you, your new child, and the rest of your family as you welcome this new addition into your lives and your world.

A Fresh 48 session in Altus Ok can be right after birth or the next day, depending on the needs and desires of the family. Some parents want photos as soon as possible, while others would prefer to have a day to themselves to get more comfortable and rest before being in front of the camera. Whatever you choose, the resulting photos are sure to be ones you’ll love and be so glad to have!

During a Fresh 48 session, your photographer in Lawton Ok will capture the setting and environment (the hospital room or room used during your home birth); the parents and child, as well as any older siblings you would like to include; and details of your new arrival, from any hairs on their little head to their tiny toes. 

Newborn Session
A traditional newborn session is more common than a Fresh 48 session, and it generally takes place within the first three weeks of your child’s life. Depending on your photographer, this session could take place in a studio or in your home. Just like a Fresh 48 session, a newborn shoot includes the parents, the baby, and big brothers and sisters, if there are any. 

Newborn sessions vary depending on the photographer’s style. Some photographers in Lawton Ok specialize in posed newborn sessions, where they carefully position your baby in sweet poses. Other photographers in OKC go for more of a lifestyle session, where they capture your family at home in your natural environment. The type of session you want will affect what photographer you choose, so be sure to view some of their images ahead of time to get a feel for their style.

Regardless of what type of session you choose or even if you choose both, photographing your newborn is so important. These are memories you will cherish for the rest of your life, and having photos to look back on as your child grows is an investment you won’t regret!

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