Hi, I’m Sarah. Here is a little bit about me:

  • I fell in love with photography when I got my first 110 film camera. You remember those right? The rectangular ones with the tiny square viewfinder?
  • I am TOTALLY an 80’s child, so Bon Jovi, Prince, Def Leppard, you know…
  • I’m an Army veteran and also have a Doctorate of Science in Occupational Therapy.
  • Don’t mess with my Grey’s Anatomy, Criminal Minds, or Big Brother.
  • I am addicted to Starbucks tea lattes and sweet tea.
  • My two little bits are the light of my world, and they show me that a weed to one person is a flower to another.
  • I love sunrises and sunsets and have a million random photos of them on my cell phone from all the different places I’ve lived.
  • I am SO glad God loves me in spite of myself. I hope I am making Him proud.
  • When I meet you, I will probably hug you and call you some Southern term of endearment like sweet pea, hon, or darlin’. Don’t be afraid; promise I won’t kiss ya.
“Find out who you are and do it on purpose.”
– Dolly Parton