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My neighbors and their first family photo session

So, I have these neighbors. And, I’m kind of in love with them. They are hunters and have an amazing blended family, and they never meet a stranger.

The first night we were moving into our house here in Elgin, Oklahoma, Jamie came over and introduced herself and even showed me how to work the alarm. She told me all about the garbage pickup and the weird thing about reading your own water meter and how to put the tablet into the septic tank.

Thank heavens they were around when the alarm went off several nights later when Jonathan arrived with our household goods in the Uhaul. We didn’t know the code to get it shut off, and it called the sheriff! We showed him our lease and keys, and Jamie came in and typed in the code to the alarm and all was well again. Whew.

She even went with me as my driver when I got my radiofrequency ablation done in August. After we finished their first family photos ever in November, they invited my family over for Thanksgiving.

This family is special to me, and I’m so thankful for them. Thanks, Jamie and Josh for trusting me with your first family photo experience and memories. I hope they give you joy when you look at them.


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