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Virginia birth photographer | Five reasons you need a birth photographer

Virginia birth photographer, mom holding and looking at her baby she just birthed

Richmond, Virginia birth photographer

Richmond, Virginia birth photographer, mom meeting newborn in OR after C-section Virginia birth photographer, baby being born through C-section with doctor holding baby's head Virginia birth photographer, mom in front of blue drape in C-section holding newborn baby with dad looking on Charlottesville birth photographer, mom holding baby she just birthed while nurse uses stethoscope to listen to her breathing Five reasons you need a birth photographerRichmond, Virginia birth photographer, newborn baby with oxygen mask over her face Virginia birth photographer, spotlight on doctor delivering baby girl Richmond Virginia birth photographer, mom pushing baby out while doctor is delivering baby Charlottesville Virginia birth photographer, mom in hospital gown holding the baby she just birthed

“I had no idea this was even a thing.” “While it may be natural, and beautiful to the mother, I for one find it disgusting. Plus I would never allow my wife to be photographed in such a vulnerable situation simply out of respect.” “I have no desire to spend that kind of money for someone to photograph my baby’s birth; my husband or the nurses can just do it with our cell phones.” As a Virginia birth photographer, this absolutely not my experience at all.

These are words and comments from people when I put up several birth images on my Facebook page. In a local Oklahoma Facebook group, I wanted to gauge peoples’ opinions regarding my business card. It actually blew my mind. As your Virginia birth photographer and a mom who hired photographers for both my girls’ births, I find it empowering, beautiful, life-changing. It’s more important to capture than even a wedding.

So, with that, here are my FIVE reasons why you should hire a birth photographer.


  1. Your significant other (s) can just be there for support and are able to be fully present. They can sleep if you sleep, eat, help you push and give you counter pressure. They can  help advocate for what’s best for you and your baby, and just enjoy watching their baby come into the world!
  2. I can tell your baby’s birth story from start to finish. Typically, most partners or support staff don’t take photos or video of you laboring or during the pushing process. As your Virginia birth photographer, I capture the moments that you tend to forget to show how strong you are. I also show your bond with your partner and your baby’s first cry.
  3. You will have high quality images that phone photos can’t possibly match of one of the most important days of your life.
  4. I know how to use light, angles and my equipment to capture everything you want, when and how you want it artistically. I am an objective observer and will honor your emotions.
  5. Lastly, if I were to pick and choose according to budget, I will always recommend birth photography in Virginia over any other photography session. I believe it’s more important than maternity or even newborn.  It is an event that deserves the most beautiful commemoration for your children and realize how much you worked for them, no matter the birthing space. 

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