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Snow mama

Back at the beginning of January, Oklahoma got its first snow this year! It was amazing. Powdery, gorgeous, perfect for sledding on and building snowmen. V has never seen snow, much less played in it, and A hasn’t seen it and played in it since she visited my in-laws in Canada when she was three.

So, we had a day out of school, and I KNEW what my mission was for this perfect snow evening. I had to get a maternity model to wear my gorgeous  Sew Trendy White Cloak and maternity gown to take photos in the snow.

But first, the girls and I played in the snow! V was good for about 10 minutes, then she ran in crying she was cold! HAHAHA. Weenie. 

So we had lots of fun, A and I did, and then I went off and met Jayme and her husband, Brandan, and Jayme’s mom Beverly at their ranch in Apache. She was the biggest trooper and we drove all around their property while she froze her tail off in strapless dresses and Muck boots, hahaha!

I absolutely fell in love with this family, and I have a feeling I will be photographing them for a long time to come here in Oklahoma.

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